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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 2, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now 8 >>james: if we have machel standing by to look at the forecast for today in a much cooler afternoon. >>michelle apon: for those emlyn spots as director way out the door in the next 30 minutes we have the upper 50s across the coast is also possible to cross a line areas will have some ultimate success is looking at a temperature is were warned to the upper 60s plan also lure
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seven is and will have more clout in sunshine letter on the to the afternoon when to start to pick a plan on a breezy day not is at the close but across the entire bay area only into the upper seven is to ride around 80 degrees or below the minister core temperatures also giving us more cloud cover 60 degrees for san francisco looking at mid 60s to us from our 60s across the east bank of
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after south of and san jose across the north to the local store once again mid fifties out there were one to show you what to expect over the next couple of days temperatures will continue with a cooling trend thursday of for seven days. >>michelle apon: traffic looks pretty good moving smoothly as of right now drive time from and and only five minutes to an easy commute this morning as of right now looking at the san mateo bridge you will start to see
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more fog is your past high-rise it could cause some delays later this morning you may want to leave early looking at the golden gate bridge you'll want to leave early in a continent looking at the richmond san rafael bridge traffic laws good at 4 03 this morning we're off to a quiet start but we have all weather in store. >>james: we have a man in critical condition after threatening to jump and from robert trent initiative himself with his own gun a half from endicott last month it was a man smoking on the platform and the west oakland station the approach of asking put larsson your and he refused he resisted arrest and then reach for a gun in his waistband that is when they taste them the man and of
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shooting themselves in the stomach he was taken to hospital the tools is involved will win by cameras that footage is now being reviewed for students and high school are in shock this morning after learning a longtime teacher is now behind bars accuse of having a child for marketing the teacher retire after working as a school for two to five years he was well liked by many students. >>reporter: the english teacher minutes tutors knew and respected was arrested for storing for not a fee on his home and from five dissident and a crime-children task for shoulder to his role in a creek home and put handcuffs a number of agencies across the bay area also took part in the pro the
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school district is working with police and said there was no evidence to suggest that the former to to guard in the illegal activity during his years at the school. >>james: picosecond of the three years in prison those would
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worsen kate steinle brother answer family pleaded for change that now/4 loss to holding the sheriff culpable for her murder she was shot and killed in july when she was walking along the pier 14 with her father and the suspect has been charged with murder the share the formal release to a back in april despite an aggression hold on him if he said he released and because of the city's center city law the father said no one has taken responsibility for her death or suggest the change that to prevent future tragedies.
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. >>james: the mayor continues to blame the share of the parlor for the shooting he did not speak yesterday but in the past he has defended his apartment we close to the entire news conference including what the attorneys and with the mother had to say if an alleged sexual
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attack on the campus of uc- berkeley. >>reporter: of the students are just biding school for the semester at can not agree with unsettling news for the woman claimed she was attacked in the uc-berkeley campus library the sexual battery was reported at 1232 tuesday morning but the victim did not tell police which a library at happened in the time of the crime or give a detailed description of the alleged attacker if even so some students are scared 8, it is
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unclear if the victim goes to school as the investigation unfolded are rethinking their safety if we got letters that i sent out to students stating that all incoming students must not attend a presentation aiming to stop sexual violence. >>james: there's been a 5% increase in property crime death and 20% increase arrears' match
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targeted could distract from the cell phones from happening in a few hot spots along the city imagine a restaurant loretta's our cashiers for people to clean a table just machines fight. >>vicki liviakis: hardly a human in sight except for maybe a concierge in the concept not exactly new replacing workers
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for jobs there is a tame a kitchen staff met in the food you just don't see them welcome to the revolution in their planning another location and southern california and san francisco.
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>>james: a federal judge granting class-action status for the drivers of california who claim they are owed money for taking part of their tips they say it includes part of that they should be treated as employees rather than independent contractors and only applies to the driver to work for the company between august and june of last year there will likely appeal the decision a manhunt underway in illinois for three men suspected of killing a police officer a plea to stay in their home.
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>>michelle apon: no change to
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the bay in for lunch hour and to the early afternoon kron 4 kron 4 they will start to warmer but it will be much the wins will be picking up across the bay and the coast of your car is the close of for '60s those winds were the anywhere from 10 to 50 mi. per hour cockfight fifth your in store for the windy ride home and a to go with your cross the east bay shoreline you have those words from the west if you're traveling across any of the freeways along the east bay shore you will be dealt with those breezy conditions it may make the drive and difficult on a drive home their is an opera lover low given showers across the pacific northwest where it
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was rebuilt with some cloud cover and core temperatures for 63 degrees lower to mid 60's for much of the afternoon by 10:00 a.m. they will start to pick like we mentioned before clear trend was the outside is one to feel much cooler and ran onto have plenty of sunshine likely have the past couple of days off is one to feel like the lower 60s with those breezy conditions by endicott falling into lower 60s. >>michelle apon: from brentwood and six little more 85 by the
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afternoon of for seven tim the to start to warmer just a little bit more by labor day of our '80s turning much warmer but looking at the bay mid '80s come sunday into monday traffic is moving smoothly no delays as a continued westbound across 80 the drive time from this toll plaza looking at the san mateo bridge traffic moving westbound no delays which will start to encounter some fog edges closer to the peninsula looking at the golden that bridge and see the fall as of this morning.
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>>michelle apon: will have more fall by 10 or 11:00. >>james: schools are closed and it is a northern illinois has replaced robinson was shot and killed yesterday at a manhunt is underway most long for some agencies now involved in this search. >>andrew spencer: off as a result out the mess in every situation a massive manhunt
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followed his death at the input and are recall about three suspicious men back of all this is a ride to find and shot dead many other young people interested in law-enforcement he said he had a passion for a small memorial stands our side of the police department to the man known to his friends.
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>>james: howe of stories in thailand say the have a fingerprint evidence in connection with last month's bombing at the shrine in bangkok this is video when that explosion went off the show you what happened there this one of stories are running some 3002 before leaving for germany and other strong companies they're slipping outside recession was is being guarded by police when and how the 50,000 migrants city leaders and once of a committee are moving forward the proposal to ban on just evictions from renters they have not been updated in decades as the price
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of housing continues to skyrocket. >>emily turner: it is heard by thousands san jose today many of those people shut the city council as in the to update their rental ordinance legislation has not been touched since 1979 they are echoed that plea in council goes on the other and the delays are landlords and owners to will put a lot of business according to the silicon valley association the average first learned to ignore the hundred thousand dollars a year city council
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agreed something does need to be done to men is a situation where what those changes are has yet to be determined the house and the parma is now trying to figure it out south. >>james: legislation is expected to be voted on in january we will take a break the former wrestling star not been accused of murder will have that story for you here is a live look outside the labor is you can see the camera and the spider web of blowing in the when a little bit of a breeze sold another of the of the forecast coming up at the bottom of the our.
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>>james: and the man once known as true wrestling now facing murder charges dating back three decades jimmy supplies nickel he was the residence of thing is a for the 1983 death of his dear friend because of the result was released yesterday investigation and all types if i should die for a dramatic rendering and had more than two dozen cuts and bruises are biting our debt not being treated as a homicide is now 72 years old was no the restaurant world was high-flying finishing move finding images of a tile dangling off the side of a building it happened last week in china the young girl was allegedly left home alone and try to crowd of the window and got her head stuck in the bars a neighbor heard the child's cry and use of mob to hold her in place temin's leverage our trans
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alive the home and pulled her to safety the child is unharmed the woman who says she was kidnapped and forced into the trunk of a park in oakland is coming for what they were neighbors are saying they're not completely surprised by what happened to you as a live look outside the san mateo bridge grammar would ever commit check in and of the on the four test, just a couple of minutes.
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>>james: the west oakland bart station has reopened following a shooting last night off to say a man was moving on the platform and 12 office fax of the crop a cigarette he refused it was a back and forth and then please try to bring come into custody but he resisted arrest and threatened to jump onto the
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track insider trying he then went for his waistband he realize he was going for gun the taste and and that men and a sheet of himself and the stomach with a is on gun he is listed in critical condition this morning a woman claims she was attacked the uc-berkeley campus library the section that was recorded at 1232 that morning taxes which they put out a warning telling students about the attack this is a clinton victory in the to the uc- berkeley but we will look for more stores it in that morning the man hunt continues for the man who shot and killed police officer on tuesday and seven school districts have been closed for the day and the faa has enacted a no-fly zone over the search area and a small memorial stands outside of the police department to the honor the fallen please offer some at 430 let's get the letters on our forecast approach and hollered and core temperatures expected in the we have machel with a look ahead at the forecast. >>michelle apon: we have to deal
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with these core temperatures a little bit more cloud cover unfortunately no ring chances but we have little bit of coastal drizzle that maxus kind of happy we want to get you ready for school this morning paris if you are awake or or the brothers and sisters get your child all system getting ready for school this week is what to expect will be done with the coastal fog and drizzle and best keep that in mind as you make your way out the door as to get dressed this morning. >>michelle apon: of for fifties and lower 60s in the bank looking at 11:00 our our recess we're still one to be into the upper 60s for the coastal and a spot in and would not be as warm as they were yesterday a plan on some low to mid 70's will have more clouds and sunshine at that time and partly cloudy skies across much of the van however most a cloudy skies across the coast it will be breezy across
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the bay area this afternoon ranging from 10 to 25 mi. from our with higher gusts possible across the coast the could see some higher gusts up to 35 m.p.h. keep that money pick up the kids from school or even later drive home from work or seven is a writer on a visit afternoon mid-70s and across the closed unchanged from last couple of days working up to the coastal fog and drizzle here is what we are looking at the upper level of rents and showers and thunderstorms across the pacific northwest. >>michelle apon: making up to a little bit of rainfall this morning and it is one to suggest and a little bit of cloud cover for chilly no rent for our area will show you what to expect to rise this is will we can expect over the next 30 minutes san francisco 60 degrees looking at the inland spots lower 60s san jose 6 degrees across sunnyvale
4:33 am
of for 57 what they will have the ultimate '50s local start their if you're heading into oakland today it will be there this afternoon low to mid 60's continue on to turn the clock looking yellow seven is by the lunch hour to much as will start to fall to the upper 60s of talk about the holiday weekend forecast that will not be is a 445 this morning you should see no delays if you're heading out the next 30 minutes across the toll plaza looking of the senate sale bridge no delays about a 12 minute drive you will start to say some more fog and a little
4:34 am
messed looking at the golden gate bridge traffic is very quiet this morning and you can say just looking at the camera we have some fog and of the sea to persist until cent or 11:00 this morning it will be breezy at times keep that in mind you drive 580 west lawn looking good in quiet this morning will start to see a little more fog as the closer a similar accounting. >>james: the service will be shutdown beginning saturday such an offense to the seventh that is labored and is thus a the end
4:35 am
of service on friday and that replacing thousands of feet of the track inside the tube this is this work will allow them to switch tracks a lot more easily and it will double its usual weekend service on local san francisco route and in has service on the vallejo san francisco route as well along with the altar and sells for buses and their role should close our web site with all that waiting for you >>james: america robs a gas station in the east bay with a gun and now police a your help in finding him when a survey this video of the incident took a look at it in half and about a month ago the senses gas station the matter what the to the cashier pointed a gun and demanded money the suspect was so calm of the customer did not even know robert was second place that with the suspect commit other crimes in the area where learning more about an alleged kidnapping in the
4:36 am
eastman east oakland to be specific police said a woman was thrown into the trunk of a car on so long drive has come forward she was not hurt in the incident she was involved in the domestic dispute at the turn to what is called les of the sangamon rubble will mature into the trunk of a car in that man is still almost this morning never said the area is a quiet during the day but it is a different story and i. >>james: the vehicle that was and was the two world what color car of 2000 model year has to to windows and blue paper plates instead of license plates to all
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but ended his tour of the alaska today with the speech would draw attention to native struggling with the hardships in the arctic yes today he toward the exit a glacier in southern alaska his sister as a one of the dangers and climb change. president obama: that is a sign of the amount of water this bed addition to the ocean rising sea levels and the warming in general is having impact on the foreign of this national park scientists say in a warm climate has called the glacier to retreat by about a mile and a quarter in the last over the years is one of 35 glaciers in the national park but is the only one that can be reached by road will take a quick break a close call for a construction worker at a hospital site in the south bay wide of the shoe company as bland city leaders plus the record tim by mandarin of very tough exercise will take
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>>james: they're hoping you and your family get ready for school visit our web site you can find a ready for school special section with resources to the pick is the successful the construction explosions of a site basketball both sides blaming each other for what is happening here is a live look outside the camera along the embarcadero witness 61 agrees or not should one of to 69 later today.
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>>james: there's mounting evidence and and and and the new is getting stronger as we approach the winter months and this is true it could bring some
4:45 am
badly needed one share to a lot of the drastic and state and southern california. >>phillipe djegal: this new report from the organization claims a mature and strong continue as president and the tropical pacific ocean that average temperatures across the pacific will likely reach two degrees celsius above normal in started to form last winter and is gaining strength ever since they believed it will probably peak between october and january and then start to fade off the last time the softening of the strong was what to 1997 and 98 when the was destructive flooding in california in the south east and i storm in the northeast and tornadoes in florida and across the u.s. it was one of the war is and what is on record with the w. m. our report also notes that the outcome of each event on never exactly the same it is
4:46 am
impossible to the deck exactly how this and letting it will impact weather patterns in the months ahead. >>michelle apon: we have lowered '60s and upper fifties across the bay no change the past couple days mid-70s or to cause
4:47 am
it will be breezy across the entire bank keep that in mind as you make your way out the door for this morning and especially this afternoon a percentage that will continue on into friday low to mid '70's feel the ultimate 60s across san francisco and oakland looking at livermore and los 60s across the northern santa rosa at 53 degrees if you're what's ahead into san jose and is temperature's offline for san jose 63 read now will be up to the upper 60s by
4:48 am
10:00 of an ironic indeed degrees cooler temperatures will continue on for the rest of the work in school week will have some sunshine and medicare '80s for the three holiday looking at mid '80s for the rest of for the banner we have met seven is a nice beach weather is in store a quick check of traffic this morning we have a very easy drive of your taking the bay bridge into san francisco saw no delays in the cache lines or the fast track planes drive times will be about five minutes. >>michelle apon: traffic moving
4:49 am
westbound pick of the full 40 this morning as you close to the peninsula you may encounter the fog and a lot of coastal drizzle keep that in mind as to continue westbound across 92 stopped looking at the golden gate bridge traffic moving south lawn 101 looks good but you will start to move and have more fog to start to see more daylight it will be breezy across this area this morning and into the afternoon. >>james: the chair agrees to plead guilty to child exploitation and child pornography charges request that he cannot ask the court for a prison sentence for less than 15
4:50 am
years at the service the minimal 15 years in government can recommend the senses of 35 hilda tree and for sexual disorders and computer monitoring and will not be able to have on supervised visits with minors should prosecutors found ties to him his self in the exchange of pictures and videos he faces anywhere between five to 12 years in prison if he is suing him for unpaid home law eased to an incredibly close call for workers called in an explosion at a construction site at valley medical center in san jose to happen nearly a year ago but the video of what has just been released the blast happened in an underground vault work crews were testing high pressure steam pipes sh fortunately the worker
4:51 am
was not injured and centocor, officials are citing the incident say they're worried about safety at a hospital when we told you last it is already two years behind schedule and the results of a button in a statement of the structure assess safety is a top party accounted the one to blame for the part to delays some. >>james: cents francisco 5 1/2 games behind the dodgers and the national league west their sabbath today in the first pitch set for 710 the a's in oakland
4:52 am
taking on the angels' top of the seven we have couch home with a solo home run off to give a's a 5 run lead angels winning by fine of 62 to teams go at it again sunday great on the mound for the oakland first pitch at 1235 the there at the 0 dot code. >>james: the nine spoke with the media they have to trim their roster to 53 by saturday and named the starting offensive line that ratified a preseason game on thursday kickoff in that one is a 7:00 tomorrow night from levi stadium will be watching. today marks the 70th anniversary of japan's surrender
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in and what were to with japan signing the documents aboard the uss missouri in tokyo than the supreme commander of allied forces led the international delegation to accept the surrender by some estimates as many as 50 million people were wide lost alive during the war, making it by far the deadliest conflict in history coming up to why one man is attempting to do thousands of berkeley's if it does not kill them if you do not know what it says you find out pretty quickly here is a live look outside sfo will have to clouds overhead will see if that delays in bonn flights listed a quick look at temperatures in the south but we're saying about 61 degrees on the to monitor it should be about 75 during the lunch hour we will. be right back
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>>james: 1 exercising many
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people hate doing if you do not know what is it when you jump of and drug down to push up position and just back up and do all over and over one man in nevada is trying to break the world records cygnus' trainer zero be is attempting to restore russian for drawn the most and a 12 and 24 hours. the two of our record his of to be is 6800 he hoped the said and the 24 our record by doing more than 10,000 the water go was all the help is pc of northern nevada the
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officials say the war record attempted one of the fund raisers for them he has until 9:00 a.m. this morning to complete the record that will happen during our broadcast will let you know if he makes an.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>george: very quiet start to the morning commute. >>james: 4 it is bringing is not only the motion at the close was the cold temperatures come later on this afternoon very close to
5:01 am
the 90 degree mark what today is going to be markedly cooler in the hidden valley's the good news for you just in time to the labor day holiday weekend bouncing back it will be a great one to be on the delta of enjoy some of the water on labor day weekend month it will talk all about that coming up in 15 minutes now to settle the to the traffic center. >>george: good start to the morning commute we're not talking any instance right now to slow you're ride from the bay here's a quick check of the bridges starting with the bay bridge and the westbound ride into san francisco no delays early as you can see would like traffic it has not been
5:02 am
activated if you get here within the next half hour you likely to enjoy a back a free ride into san francisco for the trip to 92 in the san mateo bridge also very light so far this morning this side the west bonsais the job temporarily 11 minutes over to foster city and san mateo it isn't a ride although the zipper truck is working its way northward currently adding the fourth planet the north end of the spend crinoids about 25 minute trip time to marin county to get you to the golden gate bridge. >>mark: the west oakland bart station is that open after he threatened to jump in front of a trend and shoots himself to have a lot at o'clock last night it was close for several hours will live for more what happened. >>will tran: that is what you need to know it is a major hub if you need to the west oakland
5:03 am
into san francisco it is now available to you that showed the video it was shut down for several hours as the investigation was ongoing this happen at around 815 last night the passenger in the person on the platform after they taste of the shot was fired it was understood the person who gave us the video there was a thought that they fired the shot the police the farmer says know we were not the ones who fired the shot and said it was the man who for honda's own gun and fired at himself in his stomach he was forced to highland hospital where he is a critical condition this morning the police departments say this is awful what happened but the two police officers intervened and they did
5:04 am
well by the cameras they will work at the video plus tax alameda county district attorney to intervene as was the judgment and independent investigation just to see what was going on we will get reaction from the passengers off because for long time this was not available to them will continue to call the police department to get more information on this case. >>darya: a recent retired east of a teacher and is accused for possessing child pornography he taught english at on a high school for 25 years where he was well-liked and respected he retired in june yes today with internet crimes against children task force showed up at his home in walnut creek with a search warrant stefan child pornography in a home computer and then arrested him the school district is working with police and officials say there is no evidence that the former
5:05 am
teacher took part in any illegal activity when he was teaching police said this is the first offense if convicted he faces three years in prison since. >>mark: a sexual battery was imported at 1230 yes to name one of the 20 year-old victim did not tell police what time the incident happened she did not tell the library in have been in order to give the stress of the alleged attacker that went to the campus yesterday and spoke to so concerned students the
5:06 am
police did cloud a warning to the students about the attack it is unclear if the victim goals to cal. >>darya: they're asking for help in identifying an armed robber take a look of the surveillance video of the robbery that had one month ago at the 76 gas station along willow avenue in nicosia the guy in the hood of to the cashier a point of gun at her and demanded money and and in fact the robber was so calm about this than those in the store the never realize our robbery was happening through thigh we're learning more about a kidnapping in east oakland a woman who was thrown to the trunk of a car the woman has
5:07 am
come forward to police. >>mark: they're being told to stay as they continue their search he was shot and killed yesterday and this morning in the schools and the search area are closed the faa has an active no-fly zone in the area friends are sharing their memories of the lieutenants almost along for
5:08 am
some agencies to help with the search for the three killers the family of the 14 shooting victim is one to file lawsuits against the sheriff and the bears land management and federal immigration officials we were there when the family made the announcement yesterday said the lawsuit is one to hold people accountable for the debt of the 32 year-old she was shot and killed in july when she was walking with her dad the defendant in this case is an undocumented immigrant ask the sheriff's department surf the father says he cannot take it
5:09 am
anymore says. >>: she turns around and she was shot sphene as she felt she said helping if you want it to be your story every nine then do nothing the family says no one has taken responsibility for her death or suggested changes that could prevent future tragedies from happening to someone else. >>darya: he has not spoken since they announced a loss to a
5:10 am
major crime morning in the ec where violence is on the rise in coming up on the other side of this break with the el nino strengthening echoed bring much- needed rains in california with the drought relief could come at a dangerous cost.
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fllievnasacongtionndthe ly otc itch waty most aller pil onlcontl one flamtoryubstce, flase ntro six see e wod in who new ght. flonas thichans everhing
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>>mark: into continues to develop a could bring some much- needed rain with debt relief could come at a cost in a report to for the here and abroad the shock of flowing to california in the south is because of my storm and what is a critical matter and florida it was one of the warmest and wettest on record they said this will probably peak between october and january but the new reportout come of age of thing you are never the same it is impossible to give exactly how this one will impact weather in the months ahead. >>james: full have next week as
5:15 am
they were saying the national weather service has another report coming out in the water temperatures keep the tender we in the weather center watching that with great interest to help give us some guidance in how much rain will come this winter renown nothing except for cool weather in fact as we take a look at the map were pretty tight in terms of the temperatures will have five degree difference across most of the bay area we all pretty close
5:16 am
together in terms of the morning temperatures more in the way of cloud cover and then we had yesterday and this is the system to another bringing rain to the pacific northwest but is was assuring in the cool weather for us and it is not just today but it will last through the entire rest of the week in a woman to have submitted is a brentwood but the majority of the east bay will be in the upper 7280 degree range santa the south in the market is one to be much cooler.
5:17 am
>>james: than is aware experience right through the end of the workweek the holiday weekend does one of by labor day monday they're back up into the low 80s. >>george: the east bay ride into san francisco no delays hear very little southbound traffic coming through as you can sing
5:18 am
the ride into marin the of the richmond bridge looks good as it track some east bay drive will look first of the hercules to berkeley commune 15 minutes karla for the ride leading westbound. >>darya: he scarcely enjoyed a man in san francisco happened monday morning in the city's foretold a district a 60 your member is getting into his car near gavin street in san when the driver of a broader acura came out of nowhere and had the man from behind and then to off police from the driver's car the car later in the day with it did not find who was driving in he
5:19 am
suffered head trauma and hurt his leg as well we do not have a new word on his condition this morning the city ever to is experiencing major crimes like despite a drop in july and last year was recently a 65 your man was shot and killed the 13th homicide of the year of from 11 murders and all of 2014 is part of a larger of tech and kinetic closed a 5% increase in property crimes as well and a 20% rise and maurice that are targeted people distracted by their cellular device this a longstanding feud between gangs court down to what appeared to be heading back up. >>mark: this will allow students
5:20 am
to avoid paying income tax on that debt and benefits to the store on a bicycle with the stunning little stools for low income a goes to the state assembly san francisco perez are taking advantage of the san francisco unified school district paris put away more the $1.3 million in those accounts since the program started four years ago and opens the savings accounts with citibank for every kindergartner in addition starting the tide offer $50 if the child and road and school lunch program and get another $50 limit contributions tv, over the 13 years in this system is within a house are six to seven more likely to go to college rosa hamas money is in the account. >>mark: the markets are poised for a bounce back to than the volatility is expected to continue a chinese market down
5:21 am
again today as the price of oriole again slipping below $45 a barrel will is over hundred dollars a barrel last year with a big drop yesterday once again down for seven in the still holding on above the 16,000 mark losing a hundred and 40 the s&p also called low with the s&p 500 down with a 50 of the nasdaq in a dour and correction if territory down more than 10 percent we saw as a 18,300 early in the summer right now. >>mark: federal judge granted the case it comes after they sue them for taking part of their tips bit of money because it is close gratuities and the fair and keeps part of that fact but as a chris a number of start to plan is to be treated as employees rather than independent contractors. they're
5:22 am
listed statements and they're likely to appeal the decision. >>darya: 4 heart may be older than you are this according to a for down the cdc is says three out of four americans have a heart aids that is older than that actual age it is determined by looking at risk factors such as age and weight and blood pressure and other person smokes the older your heart age is the higher risk is for heart attack, if you use of and this morning using the new look why some people think it is absolutely terrible new video showing in a string recall find out what triggered this blast.
5:23 am
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5:25 am
>>mark: a live look from outside our studios along the embarcadero we do have some drizzle was some fault will be along and just a few minutes. >>mark: amazon made it easier to watch tv and movies where you
5:26 am
travel that and donald tv shows and movies directed to the mobile device that claim to have the librarian of crimes as ours can download the shows or movies for no additional charge six. >>darya: some people don't like the look of the exporters calling the childish and unsophisticated asked.
5:27 am
>>james: will have clouds overhead and a cooler temperatures on the way for this afternoon that forecast coming up in just a minute.
5:28 am
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5:30 am
>>george: no major incidents on the freeway no hot spots it is a good start. >>james: a little low cloud cover especially in when the winds of the strongest in the breeze a little bit cooler was aware experience in the system for north we have 11:00 a.m.
5:31 am
into the noon hour more calls than we have this past precedent with temperatures will reflect a slight will forecast 68 by the bay 73 inland by 3:00 this afternoon will review the quick look at the temperature is right now will be back in 50 minutes will talk more completely about what to expect is often known with the rest of the week in the holiday weekend forecast looks like. >>george: and change the bay bridge toll plaza the meter miser activated it is rated not turned on until around 547 come
5:32 am
on earlier closer to five starting trucking a drive along the east bay hills looking at the ride out of dublin on interstate 68021 manager trip time down to fremont and that is to the exit a mission warrant would allow interstate 886880 the core ride looks good 25 minutes now from to 38 down to 237 on you're ride out of san leandro toward a milpitas. >>mark: a man shot himself and his have been a long and o'clock last night. >>will tran: some of your life on was opens this is an open for
5:33 am
about six hours the trains are coming in gondi should not have any problems it was shut down they were blowing by whatever during investigations they got into a confrontation of violent confrontation with the have to say is an is being reviewed by the police department and their investigators as well as they called and the alameda county the issue to an offer if so minute trip for showing up not having any problems.
5:34 am
>>darya: get wants to completely shut down the tube for three days this holiday weekend is star said the end of service it will not reopen in the service until tuesday without barred in
5:35 am
the transmit to the ad kron 4 that come. >>darya: the lowest gas prices is since 2004 and has fallen for 14 consecutive days. >>mark: little to the super bowl festivities in france the most some of the homeless to navigation center for 500 and a sow for the house and are expected to open up by the end of the year that have the possibility of an ending a storm system this winter is more
5:36 am
reason to get people off the street this a this is just an excuse to do a major sweep this of this ossify from our 41st street and the monterey pines apartment complex three kids or injured in the football game was stopped near the center players were hurt the same car shot and two different car was to victims that were struck inside of the vehicle with a total three victims all the more juveniles this and have very clear as mention on the suspects on friday shooting of the following up leads in the case. >>darya: this happen nearly a
5:37 am
year ago but this new video just came out for the blast happened in an underground vault with a were testing high-pressure steam pipes to force with a workforce nine injured and now the officials are citing this incident there were real safety as a hospital wink the project is two years behind schedule in millions of dollars over budget safety is a stopped heart or the and it also accused the county of using the explosion to distract from the kind of accounting of the one to blame for the project delays. >>mark: according to the silicon valley right coalition the
5:38 am
average person will have to ignore the hundred thousand dollars a year just so for the average rent in san jose and 2500 a month for a two-bedroom something needs to be done to manage the situation the house of a promise charge to figuring that out before you think about buying a car would say which ones might want to avoid a growing war record attempt how many this guy will have to do to and the top spot in the record books he makes it look easy it is less like a fast-food more like a san all-star track shift. ertaly n alo. fortatel manhavefod a ffert kind of mecinehat lors bo. imine at iwoulbe likeo lo your numbers.
5:39 am
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5:40 am
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5:41 am
san francisco is called it said you placed your order with and i had entered into five minutes later it shows up in the coming there was hardly a human inside except for maybe a concierge the food is fast and they stay healthy based on the wall pieces that is committed to engineering a mill that is better for your body and the plant every spoke with the not seem bothered by the lack of human interaction but as their replacing workers for jobs there is a kitchen staff the does make the food.
5:42 am
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5:43 am
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5:44 am
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5:45 am
getting very close to feeding humpback whales was a close look at this video and special delivery in the driver's car turns into a delivery room after it was in one way for traffic to clear sign of how the driver managed to get help from stopped in the middle of rush hour traffic and how the mom and baby are doing six members of san diego soccers team are facing federal charges their cues of getting out of control on a southwest airlines flight with a team member said the airline was at fault will have both sides a story in the next hour.
5:46 am
>>james: san francisco at the moment right there at the moment slightly cooler in the south bay san jose come in and 58 santa rosa on the cool side as to concede 53 degrees in that part of the north bank the winds are picking a just a little bit what happened to 2 mi. of our third team in concord 10 mi. an hour sustained winds and oakland you can clearly see where the breeze is pushing for the bay right now asked for several like a said it will be cooler today than yesterday at 9:00 in charlotte was widespread '60s all the grain will replace that with '70s for most of the bay area and pushing the '60s right out to the coast of.
5:47 am
>>james: it is of very low 80s in fact a number of in-line commences may only be in the upper seventies to low 80s fuzzily expecting the south it would '80s santa clara and san jose woman of to 81 degrees to places like los gatos getting above the 80 degree mark for thursday and friday for the and and how spots different story warming kicks in just-in-time but holiday weekend. >>george: the back of starting
5:48 am
to build past the 880 over crossing the end of the free ride out of the east of a same is true for the san the sale bridge volume building a bit 12 minutes to track time from hey were heading out of the east today over toward the current slump for the ride to the golden gate bridge still a problem free an incident free through marin county for the 101 drive and the trip to and from the east bay in marin the of the richmond bridge looks good of the back of forming for the two available catchlines for the westbound ride and another 12 to 15 minutes those lines will be open and then back to will be gone. >>george: and turns out there were some late roadwork up from marina boulevard and is getting reports of so traffic but as you can see the sense of showing it is clear out the drive time is right where it should be into downtown oakland out of san leandro at 14 minutes.
5:49 am
>>darya: he was 5 years old when the quake struck she died on july 29th home in pebble beach she was 113 per deciliter is only one known record survivors still alive his hundred and nine and he was 3 months old when the big quake struck a 19 year-old man accidentally shot and killed himself while he was taking us toll-free with a gun it happened and apartment in houston tx they said the 19 year-old was taking pictures of himself and his cousin with a gun he was posting the full social media when he accidentally shot himself he had two children his grandmother says he was about to start class's and a community college.
5:50 am
>>mark: he died of a spinal injury back in april his video of his arrest is sparked protest across the country the protesters are plenty of outside the courthouse today build side of the office should be tried together and with a saw the charges should be dismissed the fish. are the to and from a saw fish. >>mark: will learn more about the counter clerk who was refusing to issue a marriage licenses to get couples to cut her religious beliefs to stop fishing at all there is less and after the u.s. supreme court legalized same-sex marriage in june many are saying that she's not the best had to wait of more war marriage because of 44 years old she's been divorced three times on her fourth marriage right now and has two children out of wedlock to couple the to track of a sewing her and a federal judge's order her to issue the license she has a to the end of the debt and to
5:51 am
respond to let this motion in the case this issue has issued a license choose one to suggest tomorrow morning second find was in the to jail for not following wall. >>darya: it has a raspy engine and undefined transmission is bad handling no. 2 for the battered car the land rover discovery this same system seems to be from another age lexus 200 teeth during came in at no. 3 in the new contract suvs seems too much like the rock for especially the jostling ride for lexus some components still cheaper overall fall short of german competitors the key is the dawn of it was made to look
5:52 am
like an s u v with the writer does not compare their squeaks and rattles and staring at is a vague. >>mark: the giants tried to catch up to the dodgers and dodger stadium last night after losing the first game in 14 innings try to bounce back last night about 1/3 as age and gonzales again with an rbi single to put the dodgers of one to nothing.
5:53 am
>>mark: giving that and justify run lead 62 the issue team is going at it again this afternoon.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
>>darya: 1 guy is trying to set a record the music know what they are question marks.
5:57 am
>>darya: 01 in bali on the uc- berkeley at the woman said she was sexually assaulted in the campus library.
5:58 am
5:59 am
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6:00 am
>>will tran: another person was shot of this involves the police department why they are saying is not their fault, not a live report rekindles a massive manhunt continuing in illinois for three men who killed a police officer where talk about a cool down in the weather as we get ready for wednesday. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>will tran: it started because
6:01 am
according to the police a department this man refused to put out his cigarette law he was on the platform here is what you need to know everyone relies are barred so many people rely on him and especially to and from san francisco and is now open with and hear the trains running but it was shut down for several hours because they were blowing by the station while the investigation was ongoing here is video of the incident they approach the man on the platform because they say he was smoking which is a legal clearly marked when you get on the platform which are to get him to put out the cigarette if a confrontation broke out was very violent to the point where there had to tays him off after they taste and he reached into his waistband he fired a shot at himself and his stomach he was rushed to the hospital he is in highland hospital in critical condition the police department
6:02 am
said this morning none of their police officers fired a shot and to prove that they say the officers were or where a robotic cameras they asked the court there on investigators to look into the matter as well as the alameda county district attorney's office if-* to conductor on investigation as well. >>will tran: the headed place on a man should leaves.
6:03 am
>>george: it was the report somewhere in this vicinity fast- track lines just before the toll plaza would have not seen any animal catchers this morning with no who the control officer to come out and pick up along chicken and for how did he get to the bay bridge? the drive time here a building up now 16 minutes.
6:04 am
>>james: 0 quick look at the ready for school for pass as we get you ready for class today and just this class is the starting were looking for temperatures that is pretty close in a range weather at the coast or in the were looking at anything from 59 to 63 the four agree spread in temperatures is a little cloudy weather some fall out there like but will be some fog and drizzle at the coast the cloud stretching well inland and will be cloudy start and has been by noontime the lunch hour will have a mix of son sann as a clouds will linger along and the have in days past 75 in an 7/6 it along the coast
6:05 am
and 3:00 the end of the school were looking into punta del will be close to the adb remark. >>james: 69 at the close will lead with a quick look at temperatures were they are right now as to get ready to hand out the door 61 in the city 63 open 60 in san jose you will need a light jacket to start of the day but this afternoon. >>darya: his accused of possessing child pornography and the 66 year-old martial taught english at out a lot the high school for 25 years he was a well-liked and respected teacher who retired in june yes to the investigators said and in the crimes against children task force showed up at his home in walnut creek the had a search
6:06 am
warrant and they found a child pornography there is no evidence that the former teacher took part in any illegal activity when he was teaching the so- called paris to or cold. --they spoke with parents who are appalled. >>darya: this is the first offense if convicted he faces three years in prison. >>mark: the woman said she was attacked in the campus library she reported at 1230 yesterday morning the victim did not tell police what time the incident happened she didn't sell police was library it happened and she did not give a description of the alleged attacker into campus incidents focus of concern students they did put out a
6:07 am
warning telling students about the attack it is unclear if the victim is a student at uc- berkeley. >>darya: 3 man accused of shooting and killing of police officer in illinois and we're in a newsroom with the latest on the search >>michelle apon: it is under way for the three suspects it is even closing schools down in and around the falkland and annoyed is about 60 mi. north of chicago and is all because of is also was gunned down tuesday morning and the faa even a no- fly zone over the search area shelled before 8:00 a.m. tuesday they put in the real call as
6:08 am
they pursued three suspects on foot when communications dropped out the back of the percent and found with a gunshot wound the massive manhunt continues for the three suspects a small memorial now stands outside of the police department to the man known as g.i. joe it was a married man and a father of four the only description of the three suspects is that we know it is to males and one black male and their armed and dangerous. >>mark: this man walked up to the cashier pointed a gun at her and demanded money they said the robber was so calm of the customers in the store cannot ignore the robber was happening they believe the driver committed other crimes in the area of we're learning more
6:09 am
about an alleged kidnapping the witness called police and said there was a search for the car and the driver on monday night the man is still loose the tech a look again at the description of the vehicle we do not have the man of the car with no it isn't too good black car from a 2000 model year it did have tinted windows and blue paper place as a license plate. >>mark: the bureau of land management and to run immigration officials the senses
6:10 am
the loss to hold people accountable for the 32 year-old to death it was shot and killed in july when she was walking on pier 14 with her father the suspect and document the immigrants has been charged with murder the released from custody in april despite and immigration hold on him the department cited the city's central law that did not have to notify vice he cannot take it anymore. >>: and walking down the pier with my daughter and a very close friend she stops she takes a picture she turns around and she was shot as she felt she said help me-that is my bedtime story every night and you wanted to be your bedtime story every night then do nothing. >>mark: no one has taken was possibility for her death or suggested changes that rent the
6:11 am
future tragedy like this will happen in were blamed the shooting on the sheriff's department that have not spoken since the family announced lawsuit would defend his department in the past you listen to the entire press conference will have at our website. >>darya: we talked a lot about a possible drought busing in the could bring a much more than rain in the weather dangers that lie ahead we have a video that you're not going to want to mess will have a look at the approach to the bay bridge in a way that you have will be back with more hot spots in just a few minutes.
6:12 am
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6:14 am
>>darya: she was power born on sunday when she caught the footage of the humpback whale..
6:15 am
. >>james: to is the first day of a noticeable cool down for the inland valley there's a lot of
6:16 am
the outside on the embarcadero with the bay bridge off from a distance of a committee of the bridge slab but apart like the golden gate bridge is a little hazy with early morning past fall the we're dealing with temperatures pretty tight temperature range 58 to 63 for most of the bay area we're looking at a 5 degree temperature spread and best santa rosa with this agusta to
6:17 am
35 mi. per hour expected to be really windy in downtown san francisco. >>james: along the calls were looking at the daytime high today in the upper 60s to very low 70 much cooler in the illinois bell is looking for high hitting ron 80 to 81 and stop and write their of the seven terrell is in the north and in the south bank as will the cost of the rest of the wicked is going to be nice and cool with a is defied forecasts as well. >>george: the westbound
6:18 am
direction with the ride is now back all the way to the edge of the macarthur maze step was to drive time at about 16 to 18 minutes west bound into the city and you can even see that this 880 brand is now beginning to back up as a pretty good indicator of how things are going after bridge likely in the next half hour will sit back up into the macarthur maze if you're getting out the door for the san mateo bridge and still be enjoying a good writer probably for about another 15 minutes track in the ride through wall a creek and into the san ramon valley here was a look at that commit the tail lights are southbound heading
6:19 am
down from high with 24 and it is an easy ride with no backup get that glove on a road track in the drive here on interstate 80 as we update this east bay drive turn. >>george: 16 minnesota was sponsor from hercules to berkeley the good news is to the incident free for the stretch of roadway south of is pretty quiet with a closer look in the next report. >>mark: and is expected to continue to develop a much needed rain it will probably
6:20 am
peak between october and january the report notes of the outcome is never the same it is impossible to predict exactly how this will will impact weather in the months. >>darya: will have learned a former fan favorite in the world professional months wrestling than now to was also grand jury investigation of the new charge
6:21 am
will be unavailable on the web site designed to provide information with the public and the web site called open justice and has been in the works for months the infected mosquitoes will found in san jose mountainview los altos and los altos hills the vector controls on to fall from 11:00 tonight until 4 in the morning tomorrow.
6:22 am
>>mark: feels a hundred dollar a barrel last year is down nearly 407.2 0.8% the acephate down more than 58 is down correction territory off more than 10% as it was over 18,300 earlier in the summer u.s. productivity on the rise is coming of the features of 158. >>mark: the job is suing the company for tickets part of their tips the driver said their old money because it includes
6:23 am
gratuities in the fair but the kids part of the tip of the jewel of the potentially increase the number of drivers who claim they should be treated as employees not and and the contractors it applies to travel to work for the company between august 2009 and june of last year the release the statement said it will appeal the decision. >>darya: she regrets the decision to leave her group ever turned to their base camp along she got lost in the dark and she fell off a cliff but she managed to land on both feet the next day she realized she could not stand she had broken her left leg right ankle and fractured her spine and that from survived by crawling for two days to a strain to the founder on saturday was to hurt her berlin owosso she had surgery this
6:24 am
expects to the three and more surgery getting a personal come to the survival story nine days in the world and is alone the benign fashion runs on high as a test since november of 2013 sit what happened whatever stuck in rush-hour traffic steven and i am a traffic and the san mateo
6:25 am
bridge it is moving at the speed limit will iraq. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
6:26 am
it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks.
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sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >>darya: it happened just a leg of driver picked up a new jersey mom and she was already in labor the car got stuck in rush-hour traffic and lincoln tunnel and the baby was not going to wait phil phil he half
6:28 am
stop and call for help and flagged down some chiantis and paramedic with in minutes they delivered to help the baby girl in the back seat of his car and a mom in the few was able to get the emergency care. >>reporter: why the price of one staple this sort of house want to take a big chunk of your grocery bill. wor on ne les d ev deewrines. yoll s youer lkingkin inust e we.
6:29 am
st hopg foresus, and art einghem. rad wrkle pair. ...a forark ots rad to repr. fr neuogen®.
6:30 am
>>mark: hoping for a bounce back with a fall in for hard to seven points yesterday down 2.8% time to give it that a correction pterosaur and the speeches are gaining this morning productivity showing productivity on the rise the sieges of the hundred and seven. will be watching the market was one of very volatile few weeks on wall street. >>darya: we're live in san francisco this morning the in house arrest was a bill with the increased cost. >>reporter: they raise prices
6:31 am
two times this year, according to lead this number from the u.s. act for the russian california is down 63 million eggs from this time last year that coupled with the slow some of the midwest has an egg prices sky-high a dozen eggs can cost you as much as $5 and stores around the bay area were course the outside trying to talk to the manager about at prices in house affected their visit.
6:32 am
>>james: what is the data on what to be hot water soaking in the last rays of sunshine before people get serious about school and get back into that group at the moment it is nice and mild local of felony the jacket as head out the school you see the haze in the street lights and we have mild fall pushing on through and see some clouds ahead did concede that in a live shot use the forecast as to get ready for school.
6:33 am
>>james: today: and the of the course of the rest of the week. >>george: 50 and looking for eggs that may be the place to go see is faces more than one out lines 1213 if there's three of them they could use the carpool lane the backer reaching ride to
6:34 am
the edge of the macarthur maze were tracking a 16 to 18 minute drive times was surprisingly a little forethought these will a little higher because of this back on that it is the approach the less caught the drive times of men's we expect that to spike by performance not as we're seeing the first low and go conditions on the stand this promise was to look from the east bay now to the south bank as an update the ride on 101 northbound 21 minutes as we are starting to get a little busy on the bayshore freeway northbound 280 still looks great 14 minutes is about the best drive times with a 04 for the 280 ride from a one of to 85 and for the 85 stretch the west valley freeway just 20 minutes now out toward cupertino on 85 northbound.
6:35 am
>>mark:, office of accident but the cigarette out he refused and he resisted arrest and threats to jump in front of a plane there vritra his waistband and it pays him the man shot himself in the stomach with his own gun the two offices and ball robotic cameras and the footage is being reviewed. >>darya: the bay area is gearing up for another closure of the trends bay to the it is completely shutting down the two for three days this week he was what you need to know san
6:36 am
francisco fair redoubling usually weaken service on the san francisco route and has since service on the ferries aware round of the have buses that you can use or lot of people make the jump in their cars to change the bridges could be packed. >>mark: 500 units of affordable heyse are expected to open up and the year they even try finding a into the mix this is just an excuse to do a major
6:37 am
sweep the blast happened and then under grovels were there were testing high pressure steam pipes the worker turns out was not injured but santa clara county officials are citing the last session there were about safety at the hospital. >>darya: the project is already two years behind schedule and millions of dollars over budget.
6:38 am
6:39 am
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>>mark: they offer is free to bay shipping on most items to customers will pay $99 a year for the servers added to the on the program called shock by region that allows merchants to sell on a month to decide how far the items were shipped for free with amazon prime them and some items were only get free to the shipping in certain parts of the country but most prime item shipped directly from the amazon warehouse and those items are not affected by the program will take a look at the holiday weekend in just a moment.
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>>mark: of stock closed at a daycare and the story behind like to men and forcing free school kids to fight president obama takes a picture with a famous bear an alaskan.
6:45 am
>>james: a more substantial marine layer a little deeper because is able to get up and the east bay hill 62 in concord
6:46 am
little more coming in at 61 were often very close start again with the breeze kicks in about 40 smaller losses than wins the battle where sing at the moment in terms of the wind as for the temperatures we should see them fall of the storyline was its temperature ranges that looks like this 79 to 82 degrees for the east valley and the south were led 78 to 82 and and what they same bill 79 to 82 that with a store
6:47 am
across the wine country will see more clouds from the afternoon it will not be near as stunning as it did the system breaks here is a forecast as we had to the rest of the workweek. >>james: by the recanting turnaround beginning saturday and sunday monday until labor day holiday plans of beverly nice weather on top of 20 of sunshine and temperatures are getting into the mid to upper 80s. >>james:----->>george: it is not much having an impact on the right here in the westbound direction there is no attempt to crown these little animals outside this morning to get to
6:48 am
san francisco is not a reason was bound interstate 80 the back of now does region to the macarthur maze we did see the drive time tip over to 19 to 21 minute drive times of to 15 minutes for the westbound ride we're going to continue to see this slowdown you want to be heading to this bridge in the next hour or so on to be facing 15 to 25 minute drive times the trip to the golden gate bridge the 1 01 north to bounce out about ride a little heavy right now but we are still incidents free from recounting forehand into moran already a backup not the richmond bridge westbound on
6:49 am
the back of bridges to the rich and parkway or tracking 14 to 16 minute trip times there was always bound in the average in the early morning hours we're still dealing with that was already headed for the ride is not about to the walnut creek and unchanged at 15 minutes and now over 24 minutes for the west about ride on interstate 80 the good news we're and seven free from hercules to berkeley track in the san ramon valley ride this a southbound interstate 680 and conceded tell like to the great no backup yet clinton of honor roll out of walnut creek in north main street on six a southbound. >>mark: that now support the there was with the president has started three votes in the sun
6:50 am
and will support of research and for both the can of cold president obama expected veto of gop legislation and blocking the bill the latter will be centrally before secretary care delivers a major policy speech on the agreement in philadelphia for will focus on how the dill mix the u.s. and its allies say for that already have united nations approval.
6:51 am
>>darya: tomorrow and friday will fly over san francisco and pacifica we learn on the contra costa, a man was killed and a maximum security yard of northern california prison this week he was attacked by two of the inmates monday and hi-to state prison is susan bell he was treated at the prison and then taken to hospital where he died he was serving as 13 years since there but the thing carjacking the attackers 7 transferred to a different unit in the prison as the investigation continued assault was airline flight headed from san diego to chicago was diverted to texas after a group of passengers got out of control the flight was diverted money at the six members of a soccer team from san diego or arrested for being too routing. >>darya: they're headed to a soccer tournament and this that it is the sixth is up the refuse
6:52 am
to put their seat back and try to was in the proper position the capstan it of some of the pastor said the man was wearing and the flight attendants for being racist and she refused to work inserting much drink she was sitting three rows up and did not see the rotted behavior they're now facing federal charges for interfering with the flight crew. >>darya: why the up coming up blood imam has some people were
6:53 am
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>>mark: the blood the moment is a term used to describe a moment eclipsed is an event instead the dominant the side letter on this month it has religious believers is trying popsicle signed and of the world is coming up on september 27th it will be a fine of clips which is four consecutive loop problem eclipse a christian minister says it points to our road shaking event that will happen
6:57 am
half. >>james: we will be right back.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>>will tran: a shot was fired a man and the hospital this morning while the rest of the details coming up a live report
7:00 am
.. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>george: and will check with the chp and caltrans there was one report that have not been to confirm if in furtherhe


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